Burning Mona Lisa - Fuck You lyrics

Fuck you. leave me the fuck along, c'mon
Rip my heart open
Sell it to MTV
Corruption for the apathetic
Useless as this irony
I talked to Mr. Poe
And asked him what it's like to know
An existance with so little strife
At least much less than in my life
My life
So are you listening?
Or how loud do I have to scream?
To open up your dreaming eyes
And make you see through other's lies
Take this message literally
This is no analogy
Just listen to this simple plea
I mean you
Singled out
In particular
Yes, you
Come on, you bastard
And help me
Do you know what it's like to want to die
And display this before a biliion sadists' eyes?
Or what it's like to feel alone
But not care enough to find a home?
Wish I could reach out
And touch you
But you lack
Who cares
About one
Crippled life
Wish I could reach out
And grab you
And pull you right to me
And scream right into your face...
Fuck you, leave me the fuck alone, c'mon