Burn The Fleet - Cenotaph lyrics

If you see the boat man, will you tell him the tale of your life
Will he share your sadness, will his dead heart beat like yours and mine?
So what difference does it make, the ground you walk on it won't shake or move for you.
Cast no shadow,
Know the difference
Behind fathers
Cast no shadow

I feel a shiver
Your frozen ink next to mine
100 pillars
A temple to lie with your bride

And they'll bail you out again, they'll bail you out this time again.
A thief selling oxygen, your lungs are rich but they die,

Find yourself a home, And colour it in shame,
Set yourself in stone and see that nothings changed

Find myself alone and I wonder how I got here, my body hurts a little bit
I once had a brother who claimed he'd give the whole world, I've never trusted blood or kin

You cast no shadow, your father stands behind, he knows the difference, between the heaven and the

Remove my hands so I feel nothing, I'll never use them under this wing, I'll let you know you don't
mean anything, do you?