Burn One Third - Paul Revere lyrics

I'll wait in the night
and watch for the movement to report
there's still some life in these old bones yet
I see two lights in the north church bell
transports that carried under sterns
of the men of war

What great nobel men
what cunning stealth and slooth
to hide in a cloak of leaves
what idiot pawns of an over dressed snob
we'll test your will

So the chase began
After I spread the word
That they are near
One must get through

Dismount with quick time
say what you know
or we'll blow your mind

So I told them all that I could
Just to their see pride drop from their faces
All of us stand to meet them
us 500 strong

even as there traitors amoung us
or call them loyalist sheep
even as they lie to relax our guar
divine providence clarity our guiding light
heart and mind

One I'm a ghost in this night
I rode with urgency
My God can you hear my call
My God can you spare a miracle

Its troubling
I know what coming
they'll steal our stores
and hang our sons

Futile one third would say
but dont tell me
its not possible

With one Im a ghost in this night
I rode with urgency
by pen or song their voices will soar
so generations know
freedoms worth killing for