Burn Hollywood Burn - Our Heart Beats Faster Than Your Production Line lyrics

From behind the fences of thought control
I rise to cut clean the swollen lying tongue
With the bitter tears of shame and resignation
I spit on and soil your immaculate destruction/perfection
When every lip is sewed not to drink any venomous fear
Not to kiss any putrid freedom
I slit my throat and let it all come down Let it all warm me Let it comfort me
Let it all fall down Let it all burn down Let it all burn me
Let it all break me… free
We are not the capital's lambs. We won't fucking sacrifice. We are the unborn children of a dead generation, but our hearts beat faster than your production li(n)e. So break the role, refuse to die. We're more than what we're told.
So take control and take it all and fuck it all
We won't go back to our cages FUCK YOU!
My heart beats the production line
Hearts break the production lie
We'll take control - we'll fuck it all
We'll get organized - We'll reclaim our own lives
For I am more than this flesh
For I am more than this cage
Because I know what I feel
Because I know what I want
Because I know who I am
Because I know the day
Is boundless and beautiful
When you dare to seize it
(The system taught me how to think, told me how to feel, defined my possibilities, designed every cage in which I'm free to crawl, confined me to a role, imposed on me survival.
The system reverses life
The system only works for itself
The system means death
I am the dead son of a sterile world
Reconsider priorities, reconsider life
The only option left is to burn down the cage
And to fly away, just to be alive)