Burl Ives - Two Little Owls lyrics

Too-hoo, too-hoo, too-hoo, too-hoo.
Two little owls in a row, row, row,
In the bough of a great big tree,
And they felt just as happy and they looked just as happy,
As any little owls could be, be, be,
as any little owls could be.

Meow, meow, meow, meow.
Three little cats with a creep, creep, creep,
Glided up to the branch of the tree,
And they looked at the birds,
And they said, not in words,
What a jolly repast this will be, be, be,
What a very jolly feast for us three.

Bow-wow, bow-wow, bow-wow, bow-wow.
Three little dogs with a bow-wow-wow,
Dashed after the pussy cats three,
And the owls in flight spread their wings in flight,
And the dogs trotted home to tea, tea, tea,
And the cats looked as sad as can be.