Bunchofuckingoofs - Thanx - But No Thanx lyrics

They call it junk
Cos that’s what it is
It’s not just a high
It’s also big biz

A slave to the needle
A slave to the drug
You’re supplying your habit
And organized crime thugs

They said try it once
A harmless experiment
It’s love at first crack
Isn’t that what they meant

Now you buy from your friends
Who else could you trust
Cos buying on the street
Leads to a real heavy bust

They’re all doing it now
No one has been hurt
Your tolerance is growing
It’ll cost you your shirt
It stops being want
It’s now what you need
You’d kill for a crack
You have a habit to feed

They say that a leopard
Can’t change his spots
Well you can’t believe a junky
Who says that he’s not
They said that you can’t teach
An old dog new tricks
For the rest of your life
You’ll be drooling for a fix

Hey man, i’m just chipping
Don’t do it all the time
But the pinholes in your eyes
Only prove that you’re lying

The grip is just tightening
It’s taken it’s hold
With a lifestyle like that
Well, you’ll never grow old

You know that it’s got you
Little chance of escape
You gotta quit that shit man
Your life is at stake
Come on man it’s real good shit
You’ll love it for sure just do this hit

If it really connects
You’ll probably chuck
And if it’s too good
Then you’re way out of luck
You fill the spoon
You’re mixing it up
You’re dipping the point now
Right into the cup
You shake on the fit
And blow on your arm
You push it in
It’s yourself that you harm
You flag it back
You’ve got the vein
Your blood is black
And you’re feeling no pain