Bunchofuckingoofs - Pink Track Pants lyrics

They know a slot is waiting
A project address for life
An application has been submitted
State educated and employed house wife

Eleven fifty a month
And some soiled pink track pants
A pamper full of runny shit
You blew your only chance
The migraine pounding in your head
Caused by the baby’s screams
The trail of yellow puke down your shoulder
Was not one of your dreams

You knew it was a serious commitment
Kind of like adopting a cat
Sure your life was shit before this
But at least the shit was yours
There was time for yourself
Not time for only chores

And the prick that helped you bring this all about
And his promise to never leave
Was as empty as the cupboard before you
How could you have ever believed

You were bent on procreation
He needed to sow his wild oats
Together you sealed only your fate
And extinguished all your hopes