Bunchofuckingoofs - Liars And Thieves lyrics

Nice guys they seem
They show some concern
Smiling their way
To a premeditated burn
They show up with nothing
But the clothes on their backs
Is a scam just to take you
For what you like best
The street is their home
But they’ve done no one no wrong
They ask the big favor
No! I won’t stay long
They’ll stay in your house
Baby-sitting your stuff
They’ll claim that you’ve screwed them
To make their actions look just
Then you started to notice
That things had disappeared
They were the ones with free access
The worst reality you feared
Questioning these thieves
About their shit crimes
Only leads these assholes
Into the next step to lying
Liars and thieves
Sleazes and cheats
Gaining your confidence
Too late--you’ve been beat
Thieves can be forgiven
But liars must die
Stealing with regret
A promise cant rectify

Lying to cover a real sleazy act
Is worth nothing less than a broken back
In a tightly knit scene
Where liars have no place
Every word that they speak
Is worth a brick in the face