Bunchofuckingoofs - Knock Em Down lyrics

Knock em down
Kick a face
Leaving bloodstains
All over the place
Smash their heads
Break their ribs
Teach em to beat
On fucking kids
Show no mercy
No — don't stop
Finish it quick
Watch out for the cops
Rampaging out there
On the street
Well we're here now
So they're fucking beat

Lots of nerve
They use it well
Welcome now
To the innocent's hell
Well i like it
Bonehead clowns
Cos soon you'll be
Staring from body bags
The entourage
Of ambulances
Gain nothing more
Than passing glances
The trail of blood
That we will leave
Will make your
Mommy & daddy heave
So stay in the burbs and pick your nose
So the blood on the sidewalk
Won't be yours
Suburban fucking moron, idiots

Lyrics by CrazySteveGoof