Bunchofuckingoofs - It's Your Problem lyrics

It's your problem---no one else’s
It's your problem--no one cares
It's your problem --- no one else’s
It's your problem --don't want my share

I don't want to know about it
I don't want to hear about it
I don't really fucking care
It's your problem -- no one else's

Your car payments are due soon
But it doesn't run worth shit
The warranties expired now,
Laughter from the mechanics pit

If you really knew what problems were about
You'd do a lot more than rave and shout
Suicide would be the only route
Killing yourself would be the logical way out

If it were that serious you wouldn't be involved
There are only two ways that silly problems can be solved
Laughing away your problems can definitely do the trick
Cos suicide to me seems pretty fucking sick

It's your problem no one else's
It's your problem why dwell on it
It's your problem --i'm not selfish
It's your problem --it's all dumb shit

I don't want to know about it
I don’t want to hear about it
I don’t really fucking care
It’s your problem no one else’s

But your girlfriend isn't satisfied
Spends all day fucking your friends
The shit you choose to wade thru
Is never gonna end

It's your problem forget that crap
It's your decision getting caught in that trap
It's your beef --look after it
It's your problem --don't take that shit

Useless aggression only hurts your head
Senseless violence means everyone’s dead
Wasted aggression only wastes your time
Try to get your fucking brain in line.

Problem - problem - problem