Bunchofuckingoofs - Aidsaphobia lyrics

First it was the syph
Then it was the clap
Crabs were a hassle
But all that shit's crap
Pills cure a dose
Shampoo kills lice
Herpes are forever
Now isn’t that nice
Since they're not fatal
No legitimate complaint
The plague is upon us
And death's all the same
The pope warned us
Aids were his threat
Their god's repossessing
Collecting our debts
Watch all your friends
Anybody can carry
It s not all just fags
Now isn't that scary
Yesterday's lay
Might have been a junkie slag
You thought you were safe
Ain't death a drag
Don't sip on that drink
Or toke on that joint
Don't move too fast
To use a second hand point
The real armageddon
Won't be nuclear war
Your dad meets the end
Getting sucked off by a whore
Mom will be next
And die of the flu
The next ones to die
Are gonna be all of you