Buddy Whittington - Second Banana lyrics

May not be the fairest in all the land
But if you need the gig done, baby I'm your man
I'll be there when your artist goes beserk
Cause the thunder makes the racket
But the lightnin' does the work
I can get the show on from Altoona to Atlanta
Backin' up the front-man, I'm the second banana

I'll listen while you moan about your life
Run interference when your girlfriend
Meets your next ex-wife
Take you to the hotel when it's a drag
And wait out at the airport when they've lost your bag
I'll keep track of your man-purse with
Your phone and your day planner
I can make it happen, I'm the second banana

There ain't much of a market for good ol' boys like me
cause when the lights come on
We ain't the ones you paid to see
but I can set the gear up and start the show
While the big shot is in the lobby selling
Swag and snaggin' all your dough
I can fake your autograpgh while you're in your pajamas
Sawin' logs in you bus bunk, I'm the second banana

I can make a snap decision when
they bounce the check in Boise
I'm a pretty good technician when
Your preamp tubes get noisy
Your constructive criticism serves
To add to my annoyment
But I'll perform with great precision to provide
Sustained employment
You can run me hard and put me to the test
you can ask for my opinion, but I digress
Cause everybody's got one from Sinatra to Santana
Placed strategically behind them just a second banana


Composed By = Buddy Whittington