Buck Mc'coy - My Moment With Sheryl Crowe lyrics

Verse: I was doin? some drinkin? in a Hollywood bar when in walked my
Favorite lady rock star. She was there and I was here this was my shot I was aware When I got up to the bar to make my move, I felt like I had nothin? to lose I walked up and tipped my hat, tripped and fell almost landed in her lap
Chorus: I wrecked my moment with Sheryl Crow, I ruined my shot at bein? With a big star, what should have been well I?ll never know
?Cause I wrecked my moment with Sheryl Crow
Verse: I?m at a music convention in the south of France, and so was Sheryl Well how about that this was my shot to redeem myself, I wasn?t gonna settle for Anything less She was heading my way and she looked so good, I was Feelin? kind of dizzy from that rich French food. When we finally came face to face
Somethin? hit me bad, and I threw up. Repeat Chorus/Bride:
I wrecked my moment with Sheryl Crow, I blew it all I screwed up

It?s her loss but then maybe not, if I get a second chance it could be her luck Verse: It was Saturday night and it was late, I had seven shots of whisky, well maybe eight.
There she was walkin? down the street, she looked so sexy and she looked so sweet We checked into a little seedy motel, made love all night unbelievably well when I awoke the room was a blur, she turned to me, man it wasn?t even her. Repeat Chorus.
And that?s my story ?bout Sheryl Crow?ahh shucks!