Brutha - High Is Coming Down (feat. Rick Ross & Twista) (2010)

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Brutha - High Is Coming Down (feat. Rick Ross & Twista) lyrics

Christmas coming really soon.
Then we gonna have good afternoon
sayin’ “Merry Christmas” to your friend
Let’s play together ‘n’ holding hands (x2)

Everybody, let’s get ready for Christmas
Cause it’s time for us to cancel our business
Let’s be happy to our brothers and sisters
My plans for you is to take you to da movies
What your plans for me? To give me some [lolee?]
Haha, you so funny, let me tell you what my plan is for Christmas
In afternoon I’m with my family. At night time I’m at the party,
Til 6 in the morning, have a good Christmas, and don’t be lonely


There is no day better than Christmas
Anybody sad will be happy
Kids running around, family visiting town to town
I need to find a good girl that she can hold my hand
so when we have fun she be like, “you the man”
Cause you know your boy Bangs will be shining like a lamp
when your light come I’ll be like different man
let me tell you what next, don’t ever miss that
if you wanna know what it is, just come with me, ba-BAY (uh-HA!)


Christmas coming
I know you wanna do something
Let’s play together
And have fun with each other (x2)

Don’t forget the party out there
So I’ll see you there later

(chorus x2)

Yee-uh, your boy Bangs
I hope you guys having a good
I still got love for the kids, know what I mean?