Brothers Of Craig - Jigsaw lyrics

Follow me and youll feel fine
Everything thats yours , is also mine
See the writing on the wall
Climb back down before you start to fall

If the pieces fit
Leave your worries all behind
If the pieces fit
Theres a jigsaw in your mind

Stand before the judge and cry
Truth is something you cannot deny
Shoot an arrow in the air
Where it lands , you know not where
Who cares
When the fighting starts.

I wake up crying
Oh god i feel my head go round and round
And round and round and round
My nightmare has arrived
Oh god i cant survive
This cant be real
These feelings that i feel
The pieces fit , i stand alone
The jigsaw falls , a thousand pieces crash upon the floor
I die , i am no more
The game is lost. oh no
Oh no.

When the fighting starts, leave your worries all behind
When the shooting starts, theres a bullet in your mind
When the fighting starts
When the shooting starts
If the pieces fit
Theres a jigsaw in your mind