Brother's Keeper - Who Cares? lyrics

A man is sick,dying, face-up in a room,
Needs an organ doner or he is doomed.
Got ten children, but none of them there,
Too weak to cry.
Who cares?

A teenage girl is hurting, her boyfriend left her there,
Scared of his baby that she must bare.
A week ago queen, now no friends,
Would she do it again
Who cares?

Give us your mind, Lord.
Give us a peace within.
Give us yourheart, Lord.
I won't break when I bend.
Give us your time, Lord.
Give us a hate for sin.
Give us your Spirit, Lord.
Fill me up again.

Jack sits in a bar, his world spinning around.
One more drink and his troubles drown.
Says he's gonna quit but he does it again,
And the bartender wonders when.
Who cares?

Bobby went to school, a mark upon his cheek.
Teacher noticed one last week.
But it's funny only dads around
When Bobby's falling down.
Who cares?


God help our complacency,
Our lack of love,
Our impurities.
Help us show them Jesus is the light for all eternity.


Who cares?