Brothatone - Gangsta (2011)

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Brothatone - Gangsta lyrics

I saw a homie at the store he say he came up
Ain't seen him in a couple years, look how he changed up
He got that hang tough, he throwing gangs up
Red tee and red shoe strings, my homie flamed up
He sellin' drugs now, he reppin' Blood now
He roll with thugs, plus he beefin with the cuz now
Small as a pug but he swear to God he bloodhound
Thug love get it anybody throwin' blood down
Got partners he been murdered for it, yet he still claim
'Cause that can never happen to him, he the real thing
Until that steel bang, and then he feel pain
And get killed for real thinking he Lil Wayne
And then your grill change, you won't be the same brotha
You'll be in real flames, I don't mean your gang colors
Forget your gang culture, this is my appeal mayne
Call on the Lord while you live, you can still change

Say you represent, down to die for your hood
But take a second guess, if you die it ain't good
Your sins that be confessed, you don't know God like you should
And ain't no second chance when you lie in they hood
You a gangsta, gangsta, in need of a change
You say banging ain't a thang, but your gang ain't a good look
You a gangsta, gangsta, is it worth eternal flames
It should make you wanna change, naw mayne that ain't a good look
Gangsta, Gangsta, Gangsta, Gangsta