Brotha Lynch Hung - I Gets Off lyrics

Oh wait a minute you know me smoe ol; crate of spinach
O.G. nigga, O.G. like Bobby Johnson
And I pack three heatas like Charlie Bronson
You want some oh you won't come
YOu got sand in your gas tank your shit won't run
I'm still hungry where's that last steak
Fuck it cut out you porstate and work with that
I take a O.J. glove nigga jerk with that
Spits that ol' cracc your bacc oh really hurt your bacc
I got prolbems like COS don't desereve the fact
And the fact is I was the Siccest amongst the black kids
Sittin in the cornin' at 14 craccin lids on the 4-0
4 years later out the four door
Dumpin' at your afro as soon as you pass go
I.m The Last Mohican feed off your belly linkin'
I hear what your talkin' but can't feel what your speakin'
From the Gardens to Creaccin' all the way from Monday to the weekend
I get high get drunk and fucks somebody's sweet lips in the mouth
Catch these hollow tips in the mouth it's Sacramento's Dirrty South nigga

Really don't matter(Right up to your face and diss you)
Cuz I Get;s Off like a muthafuckas you know
And it's real choppars(Right up to your face and diss you)

I'm a one man tenthousand day war
See fuck the score imma still play hard
Like tits in my face imma stay hard
And playin' you is like playin' cards
And playiin' me is like it neva happened
Got Funk whateveas craccin'
Forevea packin' metal i demonstrated to several
I spit like dierfhea I wish you would to see ya
Ripgut nigga that ol' spilt up your guts
Like meat market it's built rap like a carpenter
Graze you like a pencil sharpner
Don't get me started im like 3-50 roccin'
3-80 in my pocket don't have to cock it
Keep it knoccin from Sacramento to Chicago
Roll like 12 guage in the Eldorado Im so tight
Spydaman through the night on these niggas(commitin' sins)
Try it agian I the one supplyin' gin you shit is watta down
Can I bring your daughter down like outta town plus I nut on the face
You nigga is fake like an old ace hit you get away wit no traces hit you(like jason did you see I Get's Off)

See I can be like 60 years old
But still imma eat meat
I mean Imma still eat niggas up
Nigga you got me fuck up
Mixin' proffesional wit nigga shit
'Bout to get tuck'd up you fuck'd up
Time too get in the dump truck (x2)

I get's off on you face
Yous a swallowed it up ass nigga
All over your ass nigga
So I slap it on your face
You a bad wire 'bout to get replaced
Im a bad gut about to run up in your face wit tha .38
And lay you down in the crate like they used to do back in the day
I been choppa niggas up since Sicx was sackin Yay
Back in '86 now it's '03 and im back in your face
With spits hard like a baseball bat craccin your face
Let me lace your shoelace
Im 24 Deep and imma loose case body parts in the suitcase
Make your jaw swell up like a tooth ache "Who First?"
I do work like a state job straight bob
Heavy artillery for niggas who ain't fillin' me(You niggas be killin' me)
My mouth like a .9 millimeter years later still a heata in your alpine
So it' ain't no question about mine it's about time
That I sold this shit up you must of a forgot I know the steps
So I hold heavy meatal eat'em up on every level
Heat up your Chevy medal smash on the pedal
It's the 24th Street ghetto It's The Gardens
We niggaz retarded we make your heart split trust me
We started the spits and trust me we goin' to end it by
Makin your brain tissue rip spit 'til you get tendonitts
Im burnin tires on you niggas career(yeah)
Hitman for hire on you niggas lyrics(You Know)
Evils my spirits and you know I just can't shake it(I just can't shake it)
Leave you butt naked half of you body in the refigerator
Ready for the makin' It's Now Eat
It's a crowd on the street it's been a killin' it's bad news(Uh-Oh)
Somebody give'em him penicilin tell his children ????
From the bullets just when we thought we wasn't pullin' it
Took his money and his pride and everythang
Take his honey and his ride and everythang
It's all bullshit sell it
I spit hard right just from the pelvis
Let you tell her im a nail gun emptin' out nail clips
And he's dead let you smell it(What)
Finally get to release my own shit(Nigga)

See I can be like 60 years old
But still imma eat meat
I mean Imma still eat niggas up
Nigga you got me fuck up
Mixin' proffesional wit nigga shit
'Bout to get tuck'd up you fuck'd up
Time too get in the dump truck (Fuck) (x2)