Brooks And Dunn - South Of Sante Fe lyrics

where the rain don't fall and the grass don't grow
the older part of new mexico
I drifted into town one day
stumbled in on a lost cafe
the shades were pulled and the door was locked
somethin' made me knock

time stood still when she opened the door
I didn't know where I was anymore
and we were lost in each other's eyes
where loneliness meets paradise
somethin' in my heart broke free
blowin' wild as the tumbleweed

somewhere north of heaven
where eagles' fear to fly
sun burns hot as the devil's gate
desert meets the sky
tattooed on my memory is the image of an angel's face
north of heaven, south of sante fe

news tends to travel fast
and I was runnin' from my past
I left her when the mornin' broke
truth is I never let her go
now I'm still runnin' free
but in my heart I'll always be

repeat chorus
north of heaven, south of sante fe