Brooklyn West Carter - 11:11 (2014)

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Brooklyn West Carter - 11:11 lyrics

[ Hook: ]
Listen to my hymns x3

[ Verse 1 : ]
The stars is out tonight
The mood is right tonight
The sky is purple oh baby let's take a flight
I got bongs I got mollies
I got kush I got Addie's
Relax inhale release
Oh baby come fly with me

Listen to my hymns x3

Close your eyes make a wish tonight I wanna I wanna fly with you
Let's get high tonight I wanna fly tonight. Repeat 2x

[Verse 2]
Listen to my hymns x3

A little shrooms a little liquor
Your lips on the swisher
Baby please please no pictures
Nobody even know I'm chilling with ya
Because your my tiny little secret
And that's how we gon keep it
Your eyes look like a full moon
Tonight imma make your body moan

Listen to my hymns x3

[Verse 3]
Did anybody see u last night
Sneaking out the dorms last night
When I got the text message last night
That youu wanna do everything that I like
Your bug a boo they don't know
Me and you keep it on low
Matter fact it really turns me on
Only your friends know we got it going on
You roll my blunts you cook my food
You fix my bed you send me nudes
God damn a blessing In disguise
I see the truth when in your eyes
Take a hit gimmie kiss
Exhale thru them pretty lips
Oh my oh my
I believe I can fly

Listen to my hymns x3