Broken People - Alive lyrics

see your face
so clearly in my mind
it moves me
it makes me come alive

your careful eyes
they wonder why
these things
though crazy, could still be

and I want to see you
your smile, so alive with mystery
for this I'd change my life

i hear your voice
you smile and I feel joy
you're laughing
i wish that this would never end

and how did it come to be
without choosing to chose, yet still I see
it happened
now even we cannot believe

and I want to be the one
that you let into your life
let's see what life can bring

and would it be that life is just
more than these things that we see
original, not make believe
worth fighting for just to achieve
could it be more meaningful
for us if life were easily
or for granted, not just handed or given over simply
why do we find it so hard to dream?
and what is worse than giving in?
life is given to be lived
for that I'd give up anything
i am not just what has been
but merely what I choose to live
to dream and love, hope and do
even if it means the chance to lose

i want to be the one that You let into your life

so much space
so far, seems so unkind
or amazing
we won't know 'till we try