Brisco - Couple Blocks lyrics

[Chorus X4]
Shit I got a, couple blocks up in Georgia nigga
I got a, little brother cooking quarters

[Verse 1]
I got a new trapper Vel Doston nigga
Nigga front there be some birds, and I ain't calling nigga
Straight gorilla, extortion niggas know what's up
All black Grandville cruise, nobody noticed us
I raced ahead in the last leg
Conspiracy was alaised by the last FEDS
I was acquitted in the last case
Got my weight up I refuse to be in last place

[Chorus X4]

[Verse 2]
Pyrex full of that raw, cooking that hard, cut it to rocks
Shred the script and flood the block
I got a couple ki's in Charleston nigga
A bad breezy up in Boston, stalk a nigga

I got a, safe house from Safe City
Every rental I rent, plates tinted, and it got weight in it
On turnpikes I turn white to ice, four or five tennis chains
And Cartier eyesight, yes

[Chorus X4]

[Verse 3]
Cuban connect, call them my Legos
A Milton Bradley homeboy, I got the game sold
I play with dough like Lil Bris play with Play-Doh
A quarter ki to chicken leg, I flip them like Fabos
What the game owe me, was a G pass
Now I'm serving off the rock like Steve Nash
My speed fast only E-Class bash
When you see me and E-Class, know we see cash

[Chorus X8]