Brianna Perry - 9 (Symphony No. 9 (The B Collection) Mixtape) (2013)

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Brianna Perry - 9 (Symphony No. 9 (The B Collection) Mixtape) lyrics

Past years I reamind from my memory
Things to my history
How proud make the history, history
.. is over,
Doing since the age 9
Age 19 finnaly..
But I think I had more from the..
Will make the next
Move in silence like I do
9 months past and I do time
Yeahh, so it's "my do" time
22, I lost 12
9, missing three
Can the .. gimme that three
Nobody can gimme my three
Kickin' it with my homegirl
Sitting here talking about life goes
No I'm not but ..could
But I study so young, I'm a cicle
I love rap, don't hold back
Her say she hate Bree
Cause me think I'm ..
When we give momma..
But I can't right now
Everybody say that I can right now
To you I'm belive as a over..
When I keep my money right, I won't need you
Keep your faith, keep your features
Then.. creatures
Fill it up with my own hands
Poll boys with their own ..
I think of friends, lose big trains
Off small things, damn shit
Some.. and never mess with
I never want to be the ..
You can go, go with a ..
Bricada, Tall Perry, Kate Perry, Brianna Perry
I'm like Holly Perry
Out Perry