Brian Wright - Morning Cigarettes lyrics

It's a long way to the top with your pockets full of sand
I saw the Devil on the tele
I was playing in the band
Your father's eyes were vacant when they came to take the land
Baby, what's it gonna take for you to go?

On a string around his neck
A leper carries both his hands
And out over the ocean pilots wonder where to land
You know we'd probably live forever
If we just follow the plan
But, baby what's it gonna take to let it go
Well, if you find out honey won't you let me know

Another morning cigarette
We were born with neither memories nor regret
And if I called your name
You'd come from miles away I bet
You're on your way
But you're not here just yet

Now the seven saddest soldiers that had ever lost a war
You know they shot the sky with rifles in dress blue uniforms
Singing Lord if you can't keep him
Send him someplace warm
Where he doesn't hear the voices anymore

They got the different colored pills for different times throughout the day
They got the long term side effects, the world has turned to gray
The lady at the door just told me God was on his way
I told her tell Him to stop by and say "hello"
Cause if he's in town there's some folks that would like to know

Another morning cigarette