Brian Vander Ark - A Million Things lyrics

There's a million things I'd like to say
But if you'll stay I'll try to hold 'em back a little.
And a million things I'd like to hear before you disappear
And then you raise your voice a little.

It's been a minute and it's no surprise,
That you roll your eyes every time I wanna talk about it.
Another minute you throw up your hands
And then you make demands like you never wanna hear about it.
So let's be clear about it,

There's a million things I wish you were
But what's for sure is one thing I wish you were not.
I wish you weren't the one to leave me stranded
Here empty handed with a head full of wishes.

There's a million words and I've said none,
I've held them on my tongue and carry them into the evening.
I lie in bed and swallow every word and though it seems absurd,
It's worth it to keep you from leaving.

And in the morning when I lie awake because my insides ache,
I try to get back to a dream about it.
Where every word makes up the air you breathe.
You never think to leave 'cause you know you couldn't live without 'em.
You won't survive without 'em.