Brian Peters - Sir William Gower lyrics

I'm a brisk young sailor, both stout and strong
To a goodly vessel I do belong
Well carved and anchored so fine and rare
And gallant sailors loaded there

Our captain's name was Sir William Gower
His crew amounted to just four score
With hearts undaunted we set to sea
Bound for New York, in Ameriky

One night our captain he lay asleep
When a dreadful voice came from the deep:
"Prepare yourself and ship's company
For tomorrow night you'll lie with me."

Our captain woke in a terrible fright
It was the third watch of the night
And loud for the bosun he did call
And to him told his secrets all

"Bosun," he said, "it grieves my heart
To think I've acted the villain's part
I slew a lord in Staffordshire
And all for the sake of his lady fair.

"I killed my wife and my children three
All for the sake of jealousy
And on my servant I laid the blame;
He was hanged and quartered for the same.

"And it's of the ghost that I am afraid
This very night my heart betrayed
And though I sail far out on the sea
Each day he's in my company.

"Bosun," he said, "let no one know
What your poor captain do undergo
But keep the secret within your breast
And pray to God to give you rest."

But the very next morning a storm did rise
It did our sailors so much surprise
The sea came over, both fore and aft
Till scarce a man on the deck was left

Ah, then, the bosun he did declare
Our captain he was a murderer
This so enraged the whole ship's crew
That they overboard our captain threw

Our cruel captain, he being gone
Immediately there came a calm
The wind abated, so did the sea
And we went sailing for Ameriky