Brian Jonestown Massacre - Waking Up To Hand Grenades lyrics

A voice from the angels, I'm way back in time
I kept from the sages the melody fine
I (?) to your own time, there's nothing to feel
I'm waiting his own burn, our good times are here
Sleeping on late, you stay upon night
And go into church districted, and turning out right
It's spending an army, I wish you was here
'Cause we're tooking over, our time is here, our time is here

Grab all the children and please (?)
If we taking over don't find a (?)
There's no need pretending (?)
And work on (?), it's finally clear, it's finally clear

Gather the children and family here
Expect the good news 'till it's finally here
The (?) of an angel, the thought of our time
Is finally without you and now there behind some will be fine
Some will be OK, it's gonna be fine, it's gonna be OK, yeah
It's gonna be fine, fine, fine, it's gonna be OK, it's gonna be fine