Brian Jonestown Massacre - Let's Pretend It's Summer lyrics

Let's pretend that it's summer and a bright sunny day
And we're feeling so happy 'cause the clouds went away
As we run by the sea side heading down to the bay
Looking over the water, I can hear myself say

Let's laugh, have fun, we'll smile and run
We'll live for awhile, feeling free with a smile

Now you're feeling so happy 'cause the breeze went away
And it's lasting forever, so we're happy to play

We'll laugh, we'll run, feeling free being fun
With a smile for a while, feeling free like a child

I feel nothing but good vibes and it's lasting all day
Going now because I'm so high and that's how I'll stay

We'll laugh, we'll run, feeling free like the sun
Well I fly through the air, feeling free like my hair

In the air but somewhere with the pain
Until I for the ride but now (?)
Free, (?) with the wind and I'm there