Brian Desveaux - New Wave lyrics

Dont want the people to forget you were here yesterday
They chew you up and spit you out in the blink of your lid
So dont wait get your roller skates to the top of the hill trim the
Hair on your chin now
Cant be what you want me to be so im down and around now
Cant see straight in front of my face but i know where i gotta gotta go
Make way for the new wave over your 15 minutes of fame and your over
Make way for your new day sober youve missed that train since your last
Make way for the new wave
Make way for the new wave
Dont remind me that the wars begun never end dont remind me bout this
Well it sucks an its dead put a gun to my head when its all just a
Phase can i get me erased yea

Pre chorus


Billys song at 305 looking back was easy
Its kinda funny but its still rock n roll to me
Still too tramatic for my heart to see all my record sleeves turn to

Just killing time watching all of the fads pass by
Behind a window in a bar on the upper eastside
But ill wait cause its never too late in the race take a sip with a
Smile on my face yea