Bri Beauty - Trophies (Remix) (2014)

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Bri Beauty - Trophies (Remix) lyrics

You bitches didn't get the memo?
I just do this effortlessly, to me this is simple
Pretend ,you niggaz,I just impressed you with the...
When I drop the effects it might be detrimental

I tried ,... look bitchy
They don't listen to the whole word,they don't pay attention
Turn their ass up into your attention palms been itching
I'm back in the kitchen
Yeah,I like your position
It acts like ,or it has to get back
What it never left,just made that check
I 'm in here right now
Bitch,call it read
You are what we want,the best
If I talk, push all the...

Do it for the ...
I ain' t gonna do it
Do it for the...
I ain't gonna do it
Fuck it I might make it big and go stupid
Starting to go on the views
It like mixing but not on your music
I thought you listened
Stop being foolish
You bitches go wrong
What the fuck are you doing?
Fine ,I'll suck it ,my badge
Doing with no cash
This is so sad

Every time I make a check I see in the eyes
Everybody wants it,they're on it
Will they have to sacrifice?
They have no way to ride ,no
I'm working at nights to buy them

I can get no whore for that
I can get no whore for that

Just like the walls rock for you,right now