Brew Dogs - Love's Lust lyrics

Love is like a stroll on the beach

Hate it's like the scabs on your knees

Her beauty is so high, it can't be reached

Hope is like an ever-bearing tree

Jealousy it's what you've made of me

New life springs with every leaf

Joy is what you give to me, everyday!

Light it's what keeps the darkness away

Blood it gets shedded everyday

Oh baby, I love you! Oh baby you know I hate you! Baby, look what you've done to me.

Baby I truly love you, I hope you believe me, baby! Hmmmmm love, is like a flower blossoming beneath me!

Baby, I hope you know that I really love you, baby! Oh baby when i'm with you, i feel all tingly inside.

Baby I need you tonight, oh baby I love you so much it hurts! Baby! Baby! Baby, baby, baby! Baby! Baby, baby, darling! Oh Baby! Oh baby, baby!, Oh baby, oh i love you! Baby, oh I need you! Baby, won't you please come home? Baby, oh come on! Baby, how I love you so much! Baby, and I need you now! Baby, cause I love you! BABY!