Brettell - Tried lyrics

I didn't think you knew me
didn't think that there was a you and I
I was lying on my bed, 'before'
I never ever told you
I didn't know what to do
I needed to explain, 'cast all'

And I tried . . . . . I tried to be you
but I tried

When I sit to talk to
To someone else who's just like you
It's always me to worse it, 'for more'

And I tried . . . . I tried to be you ooo ooo
And I tried, yea yea yea I tried

Everyday just seemed a lie, a lie that I betrayed
to us when we torn
and all I know the feelings sure,
sure that I believe in you more
and I let you down, I let you down
the days that I was wrong . . .

But I tried . . . . . I tried to be you . . . .
And I tried ye yea yeah ooo ooo
I tried, tried to be you ooo
I tried, ye yea yeah its True. Oh ya!