Brentalfloss - The Great Interactive Mad-Lib lyrics

Just a hairy girl
Living in a lonely honey bucket
She took the midnight pogo stick going anywhere
Just a city douche
Born and raised in a whale's vagina
He took the midnight ice cream truck going anywhere

A poop salesman in a smoky gay bar
Smell of wine and cheap donkey cock
For a smile they can share the crabs, they go on and on and on and on

Elton Fucking John waitin'
Shitting down the boulevard
Their shadows vaginate in the night
Streetlight buttholes
Living just to find the Triforce
Sharting somewhere in the night!

Don't stop yodelin' (Yodelay-hee-hoo!)
Hold on to that ballsack
Streetlight gynecologists

Don't stop Spelunking
Hold on to that orphan's throat
Streetlight juggalos
Don't stop!