Brentalfloss - Punch-Out!! With Lyrics lyrics

I was five when I got Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Mike was tough!
Oh man, that guy could knock your lunch out
Then he went to jail (I went to jail)
His contract went upstream, Nintendo still had a scheme
With douchebaggy Mr. Dream!
Oh no!

Now, luckily, Punch-Out!! is back-ah
For the Wii!

There's no Mike Tyson on the Wiimake?
Bull shit cock!
So what's the point of having the remake?
That's a buncha shit!
Bald Bull I kind of like, but just 'cause we look alike,
He's not half as cool as Mike!

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Mike Tyson!

Yeah, boy!
Lend me your ears!
6, 7, 8
I'm Iron Mike and I'll knock you into space
I got more punch than Rihanna's face
Because I float like an inner tube and sting like a scorpion
I'll hit you so splendiferously, you'll need some morphi-en
Ask me if I like to eat meat, I am carnivorous
Ask me what kind of trees I like, I'd say coniferous
Ask me how my attitude is, it is vociferous
Don't believe the words that I say? Well then, consider this
I am ferocious, my word bank is copious
In fact it's supercalafragalistic-aladocious
I'm Kid Dynamite, always trippin' "Fight or Flight"
Cover up your ears, baby, I might try a bite
I ain't crazy, the media filets me
But now you know I rap like Ludacris or Jay-Z
That's a nice bike, brentalfloss!
It's mine now!

Whoa, bike!
Tyson stole my bike!
That guy's name is Mike
And he stole my bike
Tyson stole
Tyson stole
Stole my bike!
Man, I hate Mike Tyson!

I may be spastic, but I'm not made of plastic,
I'm a vicious fighter, but my feelings are elastic
So I'm not slapstick, I'm majastic
Fuckin' fantastic when I grab a chick and slap dick
But be careful with the chicks and the dicks
One time I crossed the line and I got slapped with three to six
I don't even get half the shit I spit
I'm not a dipstick, I just have a wit that is cryptic