Brentalfloss - Mega Man 3 Game Over Theme lyrics

That was fun, but now you're done
You're outta luck because you suck
You're not quite as good as everyone else who plays it
Don't continue just give in you silly boob you fucking noob
Just turn off the power and cry yourself to sleep, you pussy

You will never get ahead, you might be better off as dead
And nobody in the whole world would ever miss you
Everybody's talking smack, insulting you behind your back
About how you're such a pathetic excuse for life

So grab a knife and take a stab, you handicapped vagina scab
You honestly make me sick and I want to kick you
How'd you even learn to walk
You wrinkly little poodle cock?
If I was your mother I'd drown your ass in boiling water

You're a sack of putrid shit
Dig a hole! Jump in it!
You really don't deserve to be left alive
So hold your breath until you're blue
Fuck your mom and sister too!
Your family and friends will all die because of what you've done today
Game over