Brentalfloss - Final Fantasy Classic With Lyrics lyrics

Once again the world might fall prey to an ancient evil

Once again we're hurled into darkness and great upheaval
Those who can enlist, let's unite and we'll fight together
We must save the crystals or orbs or the moon—whatever.

Come, lets fly, we'll sail where the wind may take us through that starry sky,
'cause apparently back then they had ships that could do that

Draw your sword and stick it in trees that have human features

Journey toward the thicket and steal shit from woodland creatures

Though the villain shames us, we'll pwn all his dark abettors
Funny how our names all contain less than seven letters

Shine your light, the forces of evil can't outlast a mage, a knight,
A weird little kid and a ninja master

Key change, mofo!

Raise our levels high cross the mountains and plains and oceans
Don't forget to buy several buttloads of tents and potions

Storm the villain's hideout and keep your courageous spirit
Scream a battle cry loud enough that the bitch can hear it

Finally, the hunter of souls shall be the hunted

Now they'll see we'll save humankind like we always wanted
When we were little
Summer vacation
Dancing in our jammies
Cause we beat Final Fantasy!