Brentalfloss - Bubble Man With Lyrics (Mega Man 2) lyrics

You're gonna die
I'll tell you why: Bubbles! Bubbles!
My tools are clean
By that I mean: Bubbles! Bubbles?!

You're in trouble, make it double,
I'll reduce you to mega rubble
I'm not subtle, grab a shovel,
Dig your grave or you'll die in a big puddle

Oh, Mega Man you've messed with the wrong robot this time
Face my wrath, I'm gonna clean your clock with a big bubble bath

I've got soap and water too, I'm gonna mix it all together and make some bubbles
Which I'll use for killing you!
You better shave if you don't want to die with stubbles!
...on your face.

I will scuttle you with bubbles
Pick up your limbs like a mime and juggle

You won't escape my spiky aqarium of doom, and what's more:
I had Chipotle for lunch, now there's bubbles galore!
Bubbles full of poo poo gas; how else could anybody weaponize a bubble?
Poison bubbles from my ass; when you blow up they're gonna see it from the Hubble!