Brent Jones And The TP Mobb - Midnite lyrics

Don't wait til midnight
When there is no sunshine
You are a stranger until there is danger
And that aint right

Hello my child
See you on your knees
It must be midnight
I know you're sad
But I'm so glad
You took the time out to call me
You must be in trouble
I heard emergency
And I came on the double
Midnight's the only time
That I can hear from you
Oh how I wish you would call me
When your skies are blue


I should really be upset about it
Seems like you're using me
And taking me for granted
I am more than a Savior
More than a way maker
Please let me show you what I am made of
I have a plan for your success
But I don't hear from you
Until you're in a mess
Turn off your cell phone
And close up your two-way
Steal a way for a minute
Let's spend some time today


You say that you love me
And can't live without me
Then why do you call me
Only when you need me

Don't wait til midnight