Brenna Sahatjian - Forest lyrics

The leaves are changing colors and crackling beneath my feet
And I am waiting to see which fate we'll finally create and greet
And the wind is shifting big fluffy white entities this way and that
And, at our best, we are sunbeams piercing through and striking each other precise and exact

And the moon is phasing, squishing and inflating this blue ball in space
And my dreams are ranging from burning this whole place down
To a pumpkin patch chase
And when we're dancing on the edges of our laughter,
On the curves of the night
You're like a star shining, so selflessly distributing all your supplies of light

And if they keep us here and try and tell us to be good and sit
We must go find what's left of the forest and run into it.

And how you are changing, at times it seems like your crackling beneath my feet
And how I am waiting for the restoration of the you I once did meet
And the wind has shifted my intentions until they've become something they once were not
And now you are a looming mountain in the background in the forest of my thoughts

And if I ever keep you here, if I ever tell you to be just good and sit
Please go find what's left of the forest and run into it.