Brenn Hill - She Loves Me Anyway lyrics

I don't do dishes
I don't mow the lawn
I don't do laundry
I sleep in too long…everyday
And I'm a little clumsy
But what can I say
She loves me anyway

I forgot her birthday
And our anniversary
I spent all of our money
Buyin' stuff for me
I told her I was sorry
But what could I say
She loves me anyway

Is it my cowboy charm
The muscles in my arm
Or the way that I look in my BVDs
Is it the jokes I tell
The way I scream and I yell
When she tries to watch one of her DVDs
Like Pretty Woman or Notting Hill

I didn't make the bed
Left the seat up on the john
I drank all of the OJ
And the Lucky Charms are all gone
Last night I fell asleep
I thought I heard her say
I love you anyway
Honey I love you anyway