Breathe In - Amygdala lyrics

why must we dwell on the past
praying for the dead raising our flags half mast
when the bombs drop on your head like rain
how will you feel? how will you explain?

profusion becomes the relish
subsisting through the spellbound
desecrated by this vile parish
delirium composes no sound
but how can i transcend through the gray
when you bare no responce every time i pray

the sunlight reflects off the shadows
of the mornings devastation
i can't feel your heart i can't drink your condensation
where can i run where can i hide?
where can i bury this burden for the last time?

when the world dies
who will be the last to stand?
will we crawl out of this abyss with each others blood on our hands?
are you my enemy
or are you my brother?
we've all been fucking raped one way or another.