Brave Saint Saturn - When You Burn Too Fast lyrics

If the throttle is pulled,
back to burn through the fuel,
and the mix is just right,
but the speed is too cruel,
then even the strongest,
will slowly burn into ashes,
in the atmosphere.

When you burn too fast,
if you give it too much gas,
wave goodbye to it all,
oh how the mighty fall.
Oh how the truth may slip,
tied to the breaking mast,
when you burn too fast.

Oh, you'll pay it in blood,
that kerosene fuels the evil flame
where they've forgotten your name,
and you'll never last,
and you'll die very young,
when you burn too fast,

And the promises,
they may or may not have made
are just the needles sticking into your veins,
pumping all of their sick lies into you,
until you're stupid enough,
to look the other way,
when you burn too fast.

When you walk that plank,
when the stench gets rank,
when their knuckles dig so deep in your back,
you just turn the crank,
it's when they bury you,
they never cared for you,
just that you burn too fast.

When they've bled you dry,
and they cast you aside,
then they'll put out their hands to be friends,
like they never lied,
when that last light glides,
and you wave goodbye,