Brave Combo - Linda Guerita lyrics

What a chore! Bubba sings so fast, it's hard to understand what he's saying. But here's my best guess:

Son⌦ㄲ㬸 de Sonia
Linda Guerita
Aquella noche le encontr⌦ㄲ㬸Bailando cumbia, bailando salsa
De linda Sonia me enamor⌦ㄲ㬸Son⌦ㄲ㬸 (prietas or fiestas?)
Son⌦ㄲ㬸 pachanga (?)
De la (cuilla?) conocer
緼 donde fuiste?
Mi mujercita
Si (vino?) se que mas hacer
Hice un duramente
Por el (???) yo te perd⌦㈲㬱Aunque me encontrabas
Solo en mis suenos estas en mi


Mi linda Sonia
Linda Guerita
Solo en mis suenos
Estas a mi
緼 donde fuiste?
Mi burrocita
Solo en mis suenos
Estas en mi

repeat first verse

Mi Linda Sonia
Solo en mis sue駉s
緼 donde fuiste?
Solo en mis sue駉s






:) But here's my best shot - I have the basic gist of it anyways:

I dreamt of Sonia
a beautiful white girl
The other night I met her
Dancing a cumbia, dancing a salsa
of beautiful Sonia I am enamored
I dreamt of (parties?)
I dreamt of (???)
of the (???) to know
where did you go?
my little woman
(???) of more to do
for the (???) I lost you
Though you encountered me
you are mine only in my dreams

My beautiful Sonia
beautiful white girl
only in my dreams
you are with me
Where did you go?
my little stupid one (not meant in a bad way)
only in my dreams
you are with me


HOw's that?