Brandt Cooley - Sleeping Angel lyrics

I've been here for such a long long time
Wishing that it all was mine
Yet I was stupid and let it pass me by
And went on to pretend it was all still fine
I waited and hesitated, and I've sedated
My feelings and intentions behind what I've said
Joking about, not letting it out
Wishing that I would have Concentrated
When I had my chance, I was a fool
Thinking I was so smart too cool
Not stopping to remember how I felt before
Not thinking so thoughtful

It seems like forever, that I've wanted You
But I could never overcome my Fear
Afraid if I told you how I feel
It might not be what you wanna hear

Suffered in Silence
Just to keep you happy

I'm not to quick to pick up on a hint
I've been burned bad enough on signals I thought they've sent
I only could think about how we could've been
But it's to late now, all the time I had I spent
I see you all the time, but I still hide
Keeping what I feel, locked up inside
Afriad it might make it, different in a bad way
Never look at me the same way, If I tried
Will I ever let it go?
Will I ever lose control?
Will I ever let it show?
Will I ever know?