Brandon Fletcher - Unthinkable (Outro) (An Album About Women EP) (2012)

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Brandon Fletcher - Unthinkable (Outro) (An Album About Women EP) lyrics

Evan keeps saying it's hard to trust nowadays
Worse since we deal with girls who ain't our age
But I just take my chance and see how it plays
It seems permanent, but that ain't really how it stays
I'm searching for the answer, do you got it?
It means much more than this stuff up in my wallet
The cash and the credit cards
And the debit slip
A phone number from a girl you will never get
I'm on a plane in a class you will never sit
Champagne in my glass you will never sip
I don't mean to boast
Man, people from my past, we ain't even close
I ain't even spoke to my dad in some time
Sucks he can't get to he his son shine
At least one time
Maybe one day
Maybe somehow
He'll pick up the phone and tell me I'm proud
I'm in the penthouse thinking bout a billion
When I was 12 I was thinking bout a million
So when I'm old I'll be thinking bout a trillion
People call me Einstein, yeah so brilliant
I'm pouring out my soul, you should grab a cup
Lyrics so dope, you could probably bag em up
As soon as a hater think I'm running outta luck
I come right back
Now they mad as fuck
My new chick, damn man, bad as fuck
And I'm paranoid cause she don't let me wrap it up
She pulled my hand out my pocket cause I had it tucked
Said "Brandon, if I'm pregnant I will have it cut"
Just got a text from my ex girl
Quote "hope you happy with the next girl"
I said I'll see you in the next world