Brandon Fletcher - Day (With Quadron) (An Album About Women EP) (2012)

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Brandon Fletcher - Day (With Quadron) (An Album About Women EP) lyrics

Yeah she keep me focused, yeah she keep me focused
When I'm feeling hopeless, feeling hopeless
Yeah she the dopest, yeah she the dopiest
She the best, yeah she the best
She relieve the stress
She don't even stress
Yeah she legit
Yeah she the shit
She got that weed, and she keep it lit, yeah she keep it lit
We trying shrooms, so we could trip, so we could trip
But now we at home
And we all alone
Her feelings strong
Scream and moan
She scream and moan
We in the zone, I
Asked her what she want
She said my name
She said "these niggas all the same"
I said "yeah girl they all lame"
She said "man you put em to shame"
Man you put em to shame
And I love this girl I think
Man I really can't complain

She hol it down, she hol it down, she hol it down, she hol it down
Hol it down, she hol it down, she hol it, man she hol it down (x2)

With my gold teeth, and my gold watch
And my gold bitch
Who go errywhere but she homesick
Cause that pop art in my home sick
Ain't no KAWS like my cause
Break hunnids, break hearts
We break hunnids, break hearts
My motto speak for itself
I sip the lean cause it helps
In my '63, mint green
I meant teal
I meant ill
My shit sick - dual exhaust
Why you worry bout what it cost?
That's my fresh, that's yo bad
This good green don't go bad
I puff, I puff, I puff like i'm dancing in your videos
And stuff, and stuff, and stuff
Take that, take that, motherfucker take that, yeah
Cause I know you gon steal it anyway
But the money and the chick gon stay
All day, right now, year round
My girl hold it down