Brand Nubian - Concerto In X Minor lyrics

["Rat Pack" style announcer]
Well ahh, good evening my nubian brothers and sisters ahh
Tonight we got a REALLY big show ahh really big show ahh
Con-duc-ting his Con-cer-to in X Minor
We have, the brother, Derek X
Ahh, his theme tonight, will be on
racism, in a New Yawrk, backdrop
Brother Derek X..

[Derek (Sadat) X]
Aw yes yes yes thank you thank you thank you
and alla that, yo
Before I get this wreck I wanna give a STRONG shout
to all the positive brothers and sisters that's out there
And I just wanna let y'all know
who I came down here with
I slid in here with Lord J
and Alamo with the A
And I came to get wreck, like THIS!!

I'm kinda blessed so I wrote this manifesto for life
Co-signed by the others with a knife