Brain Donor - My Pagan Ass lyrics

Everybody's getting religion
Everybody's leaving town
How do I get to the World Trade Centre
Well, Mister, it's just two blocks down
Tunnel vision driving the country
Tunnel vision driving the world
I just can't connect with my TV station
Everybody's dissing my Girl

Yeah, I believe in Allah,
Yeah, and I believe in God,
They both come from Jee-Hoovah,
Jee-hoovah is a sod.

Hope you all enjoy it
How long's it gonna last?
Cause I'm so worried 'bout my pagan ass

Everybody's monotheistic
Everybody's surfing the net,
Son, can you please buy my Big Issue
Mister, I'm just trying forget
Single cell creatures of Washington
Trying to stop a fire with a fire
Islam patriarchy 2D-vision
Ground Zero funeral pyre

Yes, I believe in Freyja,
And I believe in Frey
And I believe in Frigg
In every woman today