Bradley Hathaway - Another One Of Those Nights lyrics

So weary!

And leary…

And dreary…

Stop this mind from racing all the time

Restful peace, come hither, be mine

It was here earlier, but now it's long gone and out of sight!

On this restless, sleepless, clogged up left nostril night

I remember sleep

And what a comfort it was

But now all it does is leave me lacking

Because even there these thoughts just won't stop yacking

So I, I hit the floor and on bruised knees start banging down your door.

Can't take this anymore

Holy Spirit manifest your being

Comfort this soul,

So that I can start singing of that peaceful feeling that any minute now you'll be bringing

Grace grows in winter I am told

But that's not what I want to hear right now, truth be known

It's you Father that I desire

So put out this unholy fire

And set ablaze me anew

With a peace that comes only from you

Where else can I turn and what else may I do?

Here I am…


Here I am…


Here I am…