Brad Strut - New Dawn lyrics

I copped first ray years, reflection in the mirror disappears when i peer it, a period in arrears / New growth, I be hangin' up quotes to make an image in my head, where I'm headings been dead for many years / A scope of energy flash before my before my life is just ash and while I'm strivin' for cash I might veer / To the edge of the road, so let those memories go, it's evidently been sowed, the new dawn

Is upon us , a pawn to existence and God just persisted, to leave me in a stitch where my honour / Is questioned, no best friends, let's get lifted, right off ya feet when the speech reach systems / Bass like bombs from the future, my mind is a minefield, step to the rhyme revolution / Divine skills crucial, but I'm still neutral, and caught in the thick of it / The new dawn is significant, more than applicable, cautions are served like municipals, raw individual / Sure like the sea, my rapport on a beat's outstanding, check it, your remains are now landing / Precise with the planning, devices are loaded, I entice the devoted, with my headphones panning / Dead clones walkin', my rep grows awkward, a red rose kept and got juice like orchards / My stressed nose bled from intoxicating dust 'n', my honour rating's plus ten, the new dawn / Is a junction, between good and evil, the root of all people, no sequel, is equal to function / I properly punch in, like bags that are heavy, and my odyssey is must win, I'm standing ready it's high alert, I'm burned and scorned, on some, divide the earth rebirth the dawn

So come on / Yeah / The new dawn / So come on / Yeah / The new dawn / En to the e dub, dee ay to the dub en looking at the rays of the sun's end

Soul clap / For the souls that never made it to Heaven / Languishing in Hell / I'll see you soon

A fresh take on the subject, but this ain't made for the thug set, straight up truth over loops 'n' a drum kick / Blazed up roots on the roof of the studio, looking at my city, know I done alotta dumb shit / Fuck this is heavy to let go like first loves, Strut spits the deadliest, rep flows till hearsed up / I'm serious no bull, this shits is jus' a nail in the coffin 'n' so cool, I'm often, in / Transit on a jet plane, plannin' how to get brain, standing in a queue for my cue just to spit flames / But now the new dawn has risen, warn to the UV's warning, will you please listen / It's a fatal attraction, I lay underneath ya 'n' pray for a day full of action / To please ya, I'd put out the lights in this, with a vice like grip, twice, just to find the gift, priceless 'n' / This is perfectly timed for it, state of emergency, urgently, meet the requirements / Peep the messiah its, lost opportunities, that keep me inspired just, writing my eulogies / Violence and foolery, plaguin' my every step, the stage where I bury dead, pages are very red / Blood soaked, wash away with just one toke, stained on my brain, I retain like a love note / And pain is the cunt tho, layin' in wait fa, any little mistake you make, it's natures caper / The game breaker, clutch time specialist, the pain stake, punch lines never miss / Brain patient, statements are best buds, blessed by the new dawn, through gone, messed up / Cos to the plates where i stepped up, laced it up and left dusk wasted in red dust

So come on / Yeah / The new dawn / So come on / Yeah / The new dawn / En to the e dub, dee ay to the dub en looking at the rays of the sun's end

Soul clap / Dee ay to the dub en / Yeah / En to the e dub, dee ay to the dub en looking at the sun's end